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Download tracks, albums and playlists from Spotify instantly.

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Enter a Spotify link that you would like to download tracks from. Artist & podcast links aren't supported.

What's this?

A simple web tool that allows you to download songs from Spotify. You can download a song either by entering a track, album, or playlist link. You can also download the entire album or playlist in ZIP format. It also adds all the metadata like cover image, artists, and release date in the downloaded songs. Show, Podcast, and Artist page links aren't supported yet.

Note: We don't host any copyrighted material. We use 3rd parties to serve our users with the materials they desire. We aren't supposed to be held responsible for anything.


How to use?

  1. Open your Spotify app.
  2. Find the track, album or playlist you would like to download.
  3. Click the "3 dots".
  4. Select "Share" and click on "Copy link".
  5. Paste the link above and click "Submit".
  6. Wait for the tool to process.
  7. Click the "Download" button below a track you would like to download.
    Or click "Download ZIP" button to download the full album or playlist.
Getting Spotify playlist link Getting Spotify track link

Try our userscript!

If you find copying links around too slow, you would love our userscript. Our userscript adds download buttons around your web Spotify player. You can use them to instantly download anything you like.

If you aren't familiar with userscripts, you should read this page. You can find our official Spotify Downloader userscript here. Below's a screenshot of it in action.

Stopify Downloader screenshot